• Where business profitability and community impact coexist

    Empowering individuals with autism through scalable business solutions.

  • Who We Are & Where We're Going

    We’ve built Rising Tide Car Wash around the unique potential of our employees, most of whom are on the autism spectrum. By helping team members transform their natural talents into a professional skill set, we provide customers with a thoughtful and expert service, and give everyone on our team the chance to build a career and an independent life.


    Our vision is to prove the autism can be a competitive advantage for business by growing our car wash locations, designing new business models and sharing our model with other families who are inspired to bring it to their communities with the aim of providing over 1,000 jobs by 2020. The market opportunity is massive and we have only just begun...

  • Our Leadership Philosophy

    Located in Fort Lauderdale, Fl

    We are looking for gritty and hungry young professionals to join our Operations & Management Leadership Program (OML) and become the future leaders of our company and the autism employment movement.


    You will receive direct mentorship and coaching from our founders and our incredible professional network, and will be taught the business and operational cornerstones that differentiate our social enterprise from most organizations and all other car washes.


    The is a great opportunity to build a strong management foundation for your career within a company that is scaling quickly, while making a tangible impact on society.

  • What We're Looking For

    The Qualifications

    • 0 - 5 years of post-undergraduate professional experience
    • Demonstrated grit & resilience in the face of challenges
    • Demonstrated leadership potential with the ability to assertively communicate 
    • A genuine desire to work with and coach individuals with autism
    • A passion for our mission and an excitement to make at least a 2-year commitment to our high-growth, mission driven organization
    • An exceptional communicator who carries themselves with professionalism and is able to remain poised, thoughtful and confident in sometimes chaotic situations
  • The OML Experience

    You will be challenged. You will grow as a leader. You will impact the lives of many individuals with autism.

    The Training 

    This program is designed to help you grow from raw potential through management and leadership skill development to mastery of many operational, managerial and leadership disciplines.


    The training will include over 40 classroom and in-person learning modules, daily coaching, expert-led workshops and outside professional development opportunities. 

    The Skills

    Over the course of this program, you'll learn and practice a variety of operational, managerial and leadership skills including organizational design, coaching employees with autism, facilitating training, providing great service, quality control, cost control, clear communications, the pillars of Disciplined Compassion, grit and resilience.

    The Impact

    Your work will directly influence the lives of over 35 individuals with autism (the number of employees you'll manage). You'll get to know them, you'll help them grow as people and as professionals and you'll help pave the way for many more to have the same opportunities as the rest of us.


    Salary + Tips + Monthly Bonuses + Benefits

    A Day in the Life

    As an OML you will spend your days managing a production system, delivering great service to your customers and coaching a team of 80% individuals with autism. No two days are alike, many are very challenging and the opportunity presented to you to grow as a leader and learn how to run a small business is exceptional. 

  • Press & Awards 

    2014 Employer of the Year

    2014 Global Venture

    2014 Hope Award Winner

  • TEAM

    John D'Eri

    CEO & Cofounder

    Serial entrepreneur with 3 successful exits in litigation support, software development and consumer service. 

    Tom D'Eri 

    COO & Co-Founder

    Social entrepreneur with a background in research and strategy. Unreasonable Fellow and StartingBloc Fellow. 

    Kevin Wolyniec

    General Manager

    Experienced restaurant manager, launched and operated 9 locations across 6 cities. StartingBloc Fellow. 

    Tom Sena


    With a background in accounting and financial planning, Tom is committed to proving how capable employees with autism can be, and the competitive advantages that exist for businesses who hire individuals with autism.

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